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Public History and/as Web Publishing

A Famous Historian (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

On April 18th, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the National Council of Public History, entitled WordPress as a Public History Platform. The panel is described in the meeting program [PDF] and on the conference blog if you care to read about it. If you’re attending the conference, I hope you’ll participate. I’m always excited to talk about WordPress. I use it for projects all the time and am really looking forward to the panel, where I think we’ll be able to draw out some of what makes WordPress a good choice for Public History projects. But as I was preparing some notes, something occurred to me: the key question I hope public historians and other scholars will be asking themselves in 2013 is not actually “How can WordPress help me make successful projects?” That’s a good question and worth discussing, but it’s not actually a first order question. The more fundamental question is “How can I improve the value of my project by understanding Public History as a form of web publishing?”

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The Apple exposé

Not everyone loves Apple. In fact a lot of people loathe the company for reasons both compelling and idiotic. But mention of Apple almost invariably elicits an unusually strong reaction one way or the other. This in itself explains why so much is written about Apple in the media. People who love the company will read along to bask in the glory and possibility of a new earth-shattering way to give up their money and…

Why I Feel (Mostly) Hopeful About Open Internet Activism

I spend a lot of time reading and posting (on Twitter and elsewhere) about the politics of the Internet, particularly issues regarding online speech and the open architecture of the web. I am vocal about my positions on many “offline” political matters as well, and try to back them up with action, but there’s something about advocating for the web that feels more communal, more urgent, and maybe ultimately, more effective. I don’t mean this…

Migrating from ContentDM to Omeka

Seems like the Omeka forums get a lot of traffic from people looking to migrate from ContentDM to Omeka. I, personally, get inquiries about this all the time (for some unknown reason). So I figured I may as well share what I know about the process here so I can just send a link or you can find it on Google or whatever.

Albert Porter’s Revenge: a videogame concept

The following is from “Cleveland Stories: True Until Proven Otherwise,” a project of the Kent State University Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. The concept is by me and the illustrations by Gauri Torgalkar (CUDC).  The complete illustrated videogame concept for Albert Porter’s Revenge is currently on display at Cleveland Institute of Art Reinberger Galleries now available in print, along with other great Cleveland stories. Check it out!